College Football Fans Are Outraged By High Beer Prices At The CFP National Championship

College Football playoff beer

Have you ever heard of something called the “Stadium Tax?”

If you haven’t, it affects millions of sports fans and concert goers every single year. You’ve probably been a victim of the “Stadium Tax” at one point or another, and you especially have if you’ve ever paid the price of a 12-pack of beer for one singular drink at a game/concert.

Good luck going to watch a game or going to see a concert and trying to keep your money spent on alcohol below $50. Nowadays, $50 bucks will MAYBE get you two beers, when you add on the taxes and the fact that they’ll turn the screen around on you and ask for a tip.

Looks like it’s the same old, same old at the National Championship game tonight, which will see the Michigan Wolverines face off against the Washington Huskies at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Prices for concessions have been posted onto social media ahead of the matchup, and the “Stadium Tax” is in full effect.

College football insider Brett McMurphy posted the menu from the College Football Playoff finale, and the prices are as follows:

-Premium Draft Beer: $16.55

-Premium Bottled Beer: $14.95

-Domestic Bottled Beer: $12.65

-Bottled Water: $6.95

Now I’ll admit, those prices are actually a little bit lower than some stadiums I’ve been to, but that’s not saying much. Any beer over $12 should be protested, especially when you pay hundreds of dollars to get into the game/concert in the first place.

Those on social media weren’t afraid to call out NRG Stadium and the National Championship as they replied to the post about the high beer prices:

X users (formerly Twitter users) were also outraged by the expensive bottles of water the stadium is selling. At $7 a pop, you might as well just get a beer, right?

That’s how everyone was feeling online:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock