We Got Dads Brawling In The Parking Lot Of The Tennessee Titans Game

Tennessee Titans fight
Barstool Nashville

Think this game is meaningless for the Titans? Think again.

Head coach Mike Vrabel made it clear that the Tennessee Titans were playing to win this week against the Tennessee Titans, despite being out of the playoff hunt.

When asked why it was important to win, Vrabel gave a blunt response:

“Because it sucks to lose, Gentry. Did you have another thought, or…I’m just curious. It f*cking sucks. Losing, awful. That’s why I want to win. Because you don’t sleep, you wanna win for the players that bust their tail. That’s it.”

And it seems like Vrabel wasn’t just talking the talk: His team is currently walking the walk against the Jacksonville Jaguars, up 28-20 in the fourth quarter.

But apparently it wasn’t just Vrabel who was still fired up in an otherwise-meaningless game for the Titans.

Video posted by Barstool Nashville shows a couple of older gents squaring up in the parking lot of Nissan Stadium, throwing haymakers at each other as some women jump in to try to break it up.

It’s not clear what started it, but at one point one of the guys yells that the other “needs to learn how to talk to girls.” And after the two have been separated, one guy isn’t ready to give up just yet and goes back for more, as a younger fan walks by and refuses to get involved:

“I ain’t gettin’ in that, dude.”

One of the daughters gets involved in trying to break it up, while one of the mean screams to “get her the f*ck out of the road.” But the other seems to have an issue with how the man continues to talk to his daughter:

“You ain’t gonna talk to my daughter like that.”

The video ends with the two sides separated and presumably finished throwing hands.

Good to see the fans still have passion – even at a meaningless game.

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