“I Know That Tequila Got Me Right” – Matt Robertson Delivers Best Bass Fishing Interview Of All Time

Matt Robinson fishing

A man of the people.

Being a pro bass fisherman definitely sounds like a fun gig. I mean, it’s pretty hard to complain about getting paid to fish, right?

Professional bass fishermen are some of the most skilled and experienced anglers in the world. They spend countless hours studying the behavior of bass, studying the various lakes and fisheries they’ll be competing on, and perfecting their techniques for catching them. It’s an obsession that can pay the bills if you’re good enough.

Slaying some bass is always fun. One of the most popular game fish in North America, these fish have a good fight and can get pretty large. Depending on location, the size varies pretty greatly. In the South, you’re going to find bigger bass, over 10 pounds, because the weather is just warmer, but in the 2019 Bassmaster Elite Series stop at Lake Fork, Texas, the largest fish weighed in over 11-pounds.

Matt Robertson is an Elite Series pro bass fisherman that competes in tournaments, qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic 4 times. He is also hilarious, unapologetically himself, and as country as can be.

After a hard day on the water, the Kentucky native turned things around in the second day of fishing. When interviewed about his day he was brutally honest about how he turned things around.

The interview asked if his success would get him through to the next round.

“Oh no, it ain’t gonna keep me there, I’m just happy I remembered how to catch a bass today. After yesterday, I wasn’t for sure catching 6-pounds.

But, I know that tequila and some Tin Cup last night got me right. I didn’t stay out til 2 o’clock, but we wasn’t too far from her.”

Next time I have a hard day out there, I might just have to give this a try.


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In Part 2 of the interview he said that he tried to be responsible and it got him hurt:

“I tried to go to bed early, get some good sleep, but that’s just not how I roll. I ain’t ised to it so we’re going back to the old school days…

Tequila, Tin Cup and Jell-O shots and then we’re going fishing the next morning.”

Blonde mullet, country as hell, likes to drink… he’s the John Daly of fishing.

What a legend.

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A beer bottle on a dock