Florida Fisherman Pulls 22-Inch Snake From Mouth Of A Big Largemouth Bass

Bass fish with snake

Any avid fisherman knows that the largemouth bass have a diet that typically consists off smaller fish like bluegill, shad, various kinds of minnows and other baitfish, as well as crawfish, leeches, frogs.

However, you generally don’t think one would consume a near two foot long snake. A 10-inch soft plastic? Sure. But there’s a reason you can’t find a 24-inch Strike King Bullworm. (Gambler does make a 16-inch big bass worm).

But one fisherman discovered a snake that was roughly 22-inches long inside a 16-inch largemouth in Florida. Sounds like fiction, right?

In the video, the fisherman begins to pull the snake from the bass’s mouth, and it feels like it goes on forever until he finally reaches the end.

He then holds the snake next to the bass to prove that the snake is a good bit longer than the largemouth.

It truly is wild to think that a fish of this size could survive swallowing a snake like this, but it’s a testament to what a largemouth can possibly consume without dying.

Followers were pretty bewildered by the 22-inch snake, saying stuff like:

“Robbed him of that hard earned (I’m sure) meal!”

“Wtf was that”

“Damn back to the drawing board”

“Just steals his meal he half digested already”

“Why did you take his food away from him bro?”

“That’s messed up, put a hole in her lip and took her dinner…..”

So the next time you think that 5-inch Senko or YUM Dinger is a little too big… guess again.

See for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock