Woman Finds Two Grunting Young Grizzlies In Her Backyard, Then Mother Ferociously Charges In

mama bear runs to cubs

Like many commentors on this video, I was screaming at the lady filming while watching this go down.

We don’t really have any details on this encounter, but in the video we see a woman walking out onto her deck after hearing a ton of grunting coming from her backyard. When she looks over the railing, there are two young grizzly bears, not cubs but not quite fully grown, pawing at something on the ground. Obviously, this is incredible to see so she waits a moment and watches, but then her attention is grabbed by a charge from the hill behind her house.

Their mother had heard their grunts and was sprinting toward them to save them from whatever danger they may have gotten themselves into. Her 350 plus pounds of muscles were fully on display as she arrived with speed and power, ready to destroy anything that was messing with her kids.

Normally, if you see a creature that could not only crush you in all sorts of way but easily scale your deck and ram through your door to get at you just a few feet away, you’d run inside and hide for safety, but that’s not what this woman did at all. She just calmly stood there and filmed while the mother spun in a panic, looking for any living creature to take her frustrations out on.

So many of the comments on this video were great, but here’s a few of my favorites:

“You better be glad she did not look up. The way she ran up then started pacing, mama was on business trying to find that “strange scent”. She probably would’ve climbed up after you. Whew. Scary”

“Moms out of breath about to croke as the kids do their best Chewbacca.”

“Chuffing like a maniac if she looks up it’s time to bacdafucup”

“Crazy part is if momma saw your front door would do nothing to protect you.”

“Perfect backyard for a swingset.”

“I think this lady has been feeding those bears for a while. She knew exactly where to pint the camera”

Honestly, I agree with that last comment. It looked like the kids were eating something on the ground and the camerawork on this video was a bit too good to be incidental. Please, do not feed wild bears, especially right at your back door. They will come looking for food, find you instead, and eat you.

And please don’t put yourself at risk just to get a good video… or heck, go ahead and do it, just make sure you tag me in it so I can do a write up.

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