Yappy Dog Attacked By Coyotes Mid-Dump Gets Rescued By Fearless House Cat

dog saved by cat

Talk about getting caught with your pants around your ankles…

We’ll have to run with the figurative sense of that popular phrase considering dogs don’t wear pants, but everything else about that saying describes this story perfectly. And luckily for the little yappy dog, there was a fearless house cat nearby that swooped in to save the day.

Oakley the dog had just been let out into its Oklahoma backyard by its owners when disaster nearly struck. As a pet owner, you always want to keep your good boys and good girls safe, and the small white dog was unintentionally put into harm’s way as coyotes were lurking in the darkness nearby.

And to make matters worse, Oakley the dog had some business to take care of out in the yard, and literally could not have picked a worse time to drop a number two when two vicious coyotes came barging in to attack.

The little white dog immediately got toppled over as the coyote ran into it at full speed. Oakley attempted to get away, but the wild dog had her pinned down to the ground as its teeth ripped into the small dog’s leg.

Things were looking bleak for the little dog as the second coyote moved in to help the first one, and if it weren’t for a Oakley’s guardian angel (and fellow pet cat) Binx, the small dog would have been a goner.

Instead, Binx the house/outdoor cat sprang into action and ran right into the line of fire to protect Oakley. Security camera footage shows the coyotes suddenly back off from the small dog, followed by a blur of black cat cannonballing right at them and running them out of the yard.

It was an incredibly close call, and a brave decision by Binx the cat to help out its pet-sibling Oakley. Lane Dyer, the pet’s owner, had this to say to Oklahoma’s News 4 when she was asked about the remarkable line of defense that their pet cat provided:

“Thankfully, we had security cameras. We were able to go back and actually look to see what happened.

It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off.”

Following the attack, the Dyers rushed their dog Oakley to a nearby Veterinary Hospital, where she was stitched up and her front leg was put in a stint. There were some concerns that she would have to have one of her legs amputated, but Oakley healed up fast enough to where all of her limbs were able to remain.

That’s one pretty tough dog, especially for going through an attack as violent as this one:

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a picture of the hero that saved the day. Binx got plenty of treats after his courageous efforts likely saved the life of Oakley the dog:

I do have to ask though… if you’re a dog who needs to get rescued by a cat, are you really a dog?

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