Unsuspecting Moose Steps Right Over Top Of Stealthy Bow Hunter & Doesn’t Even Notice Him

Moose steps right over bow hunter

Shhh…. that’s the best advice you can get when hunting. It’s amazing what silence can do for you out there when all other factors are on your side, too.

Typically, scent is the dead giveaway. Most people know how to be quiet (well, not as many as you’d want) but masking your scent may be a more difficult task. These animals are able to smell our weird scents from a good distance a lot of the time. But sometimes, everything seems to work a person favor, whether it’s the wind or a scent killer.

It’s good to see videos like this as a hunter. It is encouraging that you can get to a place where you can be very elusive in the forest and trick these very smart animals that are constantly aware of their surroundings. That being said, this would be slightly terrifying though. A moose is a massive creature, and even a small one is probably 500 pounds or so. That’s not an animal I want stepping on me by any means.

It happened to this hunter though. As he is out for a bow hunt, a healthy cow walks right up. She steps over the log he’s behind and right over top of his bow and body completely missing the fact that he’s sitting there. I would be certain to be extra quiet in the situation out of fear of spooking her, and possibly getting kicked in the head.

It appears as though he wasn’t in the market for a cow moose because it doesn’t get much closer than that, and he let her just walk on by.

We’re not sure what kind of camo he was wearing, but that’s one hell of an endorsement.

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