Parker McCollum “Got His A** Whooped” By George Strait On The Golf Course

George Strait and Parker McCollum
Parker McCollum/Garia

Parker McCollum played it “Strait” (thanks, I’ll be here all week) when he was asked how a recent golf outing with a country music legend went down.

Though the round of golf with George Strait might not have gone well, McCollum has otherwise had a very successful year. The up-and-coming country music star had a handful of hits that were all delivered with his critically acclaimed album Never Enough.

McCollum also toured all across the country to share his new music, and even laid out a 2024 headlining “Burn It Down” tour which kicks off on January 18th in Spokane, Washington.

When Parker took some time to talk with PopCulture about his jam-packed 2023, he had trouble pinpointing what moment of the monumental year was his favorite.

With so many to choose from, he walked through a couple of his highlights with his answer:

“I had some crazy ones, a sold-out Red Rock show, singing on stage there with Peyton Manning was pretty good. That’s going to be hard to beat.

I played nine holes of golf with George Strait a couple weeks ago. That topped it. John Mayer signed my guitar the other night at his show in Austin. Don’t pick up those names I just dropped, but it’s been a terrific year.”

The moments with Peyton Manning and John Mayer were definitely worth mentioning, but the George Strait tidbit really stood out above the rest. Golf with George Strait? How does that not sit at the very top of the “year in review” list?

Well, it might be because McCollum didn’t come out on the winning side of the round of golf against the “Amarillo By Morning” singer.

Parker was asked a follow up question about how the round of golf went with Strait, and he kept things short and sweet:

“He whooped our ass. Yeah, he won by a lot.”

It’s never fun to get your ass whooped in golf, but if you had to have it beat by someone, George Strait wouldn’t be all that bad, right? At least you would have a good bar story to tell, or for McCollum, an interesting interview anecdote.

The real question… did Parker get to rip around the course in the King’s $50,000 golf cart?

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