New York Jets WR Garrett Wilson Says He Regrets Opting Out Of Rose Bowl During His Final Season At Ohio State

Garrett Wilson Ohio State
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As a big time college football fan myself, I have to admit that bowl games aren’t as fun to watch anymore.

Besides the teams that made the College Football Playoff, every team competing in the bowl season has players opting out so they can prepare for the NFL, or a handful of players in the transfer portal.

In basically every bowl game I watched this season, it felt like the announcers were discussing how a team was without one of their star players because they had either opted out of the bowl game, or already hit the portal.

Of course, I never played big time college football, so it’s hard for me to sympathize with these guys who decide to leave the team and not finish the season on a high note.

Bowl games used to be each college team’s Super Bowl every year, but now they’re treated like a meaningless exhibition.

Perhaps the worst example of this was when Florida State got absolutely embarrassed by Georgia in the Orange Bowl, losing 63-3 after the majority of FSU’s starters had either transferred or opted out.

With that being said, one current NFL wide receiver is taking to social media to speak out about this issue: Former Ohio State Buckeye and current New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson.

Over the weekend, Wilson tweeted out:

“Bowl games suck. Used to mean something”

This was a bit head scratching at first, considering he opted out of the Rose Bowl in 2021 when Ohio State took on Utah in preparation for the NFL Draft.

One fan called Wilson out about this, in which he responded:

“Wish I didn’t (opt out), but yes”

And when another asked him why he regrets his decision to opt out, he responded:

“Just to have played one more w the roommates etc… the way it’s set up, it doesn’t make sense to play in a non playoff bowl, and that’s the info you get when you start having talks about going pro”

It seems like Wilson is feeling the regret of not getting to play in the Rose Bowl with his old teammates.

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