Moose Chases Black Bear Up A Tree To Protect Her Calves

moose protects calves from bear
Viral Hog

Seeing a predator hunt and a large animal defend is always an amazing experience. Especially in places like Alaska, where these are all very capable animals whoa re forced to survive in the harshest conditions… constantly.

Black bears are large animals that can weigh up to 600 pounds in some cases but average more around 300. These large beasts are omnivores and will eat anything they can get into from grass to garbage. They aren’t particularly known to hunt exclusively but they definitely do it if the opportunity presents itself.

They often like to go for young or sick animals that are easy to take out.

Moose are massive animals, the largest member of the deer family weighing up to1,500 pounds. Cow moose can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and stand around 5 feet at the shoulder. These cows have a high level of protection for their young.

Everything out there that can is trying to get her young and she will use her massive frame to defend them. They use their long legs to throw kicks at any animal that comes at them or is a perceived threat. This makes cow moose one of the most dangerous animals in our forests.

This black bear is seen catching on to the fact there are moose calves. He runs in to check it out but is quickly met with their mother coming in guns-a-blazin’. She chases him up a tree and turns back to the calves.

The black bear tries a few times, but the mother moose is on him hard. The bear gets the mother running and is able to get close but not without punishment as the moose gets in a few kicks.

The video ends with the bear running up the tree one last time. It’s hard to beat a mother’s love, even in nature.

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