Heron Uses Piece Of Bread To Lure In & Catch Fish Out Of The Water

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Look out, birds are evolving…

They’re still trying to figure out how windows work, but other than that, it looks like they are figuring stuff out. It’s commonly known that birds like to make meals out of fish, and the heron in this video must be FEASTING with this advanced method.

In the video, a small heron utilizes a bread crumb to lure in fish, just like we humans use bait to enhance our chances of reeling in big catches. This bird must have hung around a couple of fishing docks and figured out a few tricks of the trade when it comes to fishing.

The heron is now only missing a sun shirt, a big floppy hat, and a cooler full of beer. If it could somehow get its wings on those items, it would become a certified fisherman…or I guess you would call it a fisher-bird.

Even though it doesn’t have those additional (and some would argue necessary) items, the heron still does plenty of things right to be crowned as a successful fisher-bird. As you’ll see in the video, the bird finds a good spot on a rock, then “casts a line” by dropping the bread crumb into the water.

Then it was a waiting game, and as anyone who has ever been fishing knows, patience is rewarded. The heron stayed perched on a rock breaching just above the surface of the water, and hovered slightly above the piece of bread that was floating a couple of inches away.

Soon enough, some fish started to take the bait, and the bird timed out its attack perfectly. The bread crumb lure was a success, and the heron was able to trade the small piece of bread for a sizable (comparative to the bird) fish.

Check it out:

That’s a smart fish right there.

Everyone else that watched the impressive video agreed, and sent out some replies marveling at the heron’s strategy for catching fish:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock