Rare All-Black Fallow Deer Looks Like Something Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

black deer in poland
Jakub Wencek

Sometimes nature throws us a curveball and produces an animal that looks like it should be straight out of a movie.

This all-black deer that was spotted in Poland is one of many examples of unique living creations out in the world. Other animals that have turned heads as of late is an all-white bobcat, a rare albino panda bear, an all-white grizzly bear, and an albino catfish, just to name a few.

All of those other examples are phenomenal in their own way, but none of them are more majestic and magical than this all-black fallow deer in the video below. The creature looks like it belongs in a fantasy movie, not wandering around the woods in Poland.

Top 5 Movies that this Deer Should Be/Should’ve Been Featured In? We can do that real quick:

5) Brother Bear (an animated classic that could have fit this deer in somewhere)

4) Harry Potter (insert this magical-looking deer into any of them)

3) Avatar (one of the films to come in the movie franchise no one is really asking for more installments of)

2) The Princess Bride (just would’ve felt right)

1) Chronicles of Narnia (you were thinking this one, weren’t you?)

Hopefully you mostly agree with that list. I only see the inclusion of Avatar being divisive (also because I implied that James Cameron doesn’t need to keep churning them out). But anyways, the caption for the post below describes just how unique and special this creature is:

“An incredibly rare black deer spotted in the forest of the Barycz Valley, Poland. Most estimates guess that only about 1 in every 500,000 deer is melanistic.”

How wild is that?

Social media was certainly having a hard time wrapping their heads around the specially pigmented deer, and left plenty of commentary about the creature below the wonderfully shot video:

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