Rare White Grizzly Bear Spotted Near Banff National Park

white grizzly bear in banff national park

Polar bear? Guess again…

There is something majestic about an all-white bear. White black bears are called “spirit bears” by some Native American people groups, and regarded as sacred. However, this is a big grizzly we’re looking at here. And a rather well-known one.

Named Nakoda by locals, this sow was seen along a stretch of Canadian highway near Banff National Park in Alberta.

She has had her moments in the limelight a handful of times in the past few years, as her rare coat has garnered the awe of millions across the interwebs… this particular video reaching over 15 million.

Not to be confused with an albino mammal, grizzly bears actually can come in quire a variety of shades from black, to the more common brown, cinnamon, blonde and the very rare all-white.

An absolute beauty.

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Wandering Along In The Canadian Rockies

Grizzly bears are one of the most majestic animals in the world when they are completely average for their species. Their fur is an amazing brown and their size makes them just a gorgeous animal. These bears are at the top of their food chain. Nothing really goes after them unless it’s a male grizz going for the cubs. Even that isn’t real predation… it’s just so the male can breed the female again.

But, there are all white variants of nearly every animal out there… they are all rare, but it happens. White fur on an animal is a genetic variation that pops out from time to time. For grizzly bears, it is super rare, there aren’t any official statistics on their population because it is so low.

And no, they aren’t polar bears either. The white grizzly has been seen far enough away from the artic that there is no question of cross breeding, it’s just a genetic anomaly. Either way, I’m here for it.

This all white grizzly bear is seen grazing along on a set of train tracks in Banff National Park nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. With mountains and a train in the back ground this whole thing almost seems like it can’t be real. But, it is…

This is a day the park pass was more than worth the money, but actually, this bear ended up be relocated due to people going to look for him.

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