Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper Throwing A Drink At A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Proves Why He’s The Worst Owner In The NFL

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A BAD look for Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper.

The Panthers suffered another embarrassing loss this afternoon to the Jacksonville Jaguars, after they were shut out by the Jags defense, dropping their overall record to an abysmal 2-14.

Quarterback Bryce Young and company struggled to put any points on the board, which has been a theme throughout the season, and interim head coach Chris Tabor likely just has one more game with the team before he gives up head coaching duties to someone new next season.

And as a die-hard Panthers fan myself, I can tell you that almost every single problem we’re having right now goes back to the very poor ownership and decision-making of Tepper, who purchased the team in 2018.

He’s pretty much universally despised in Charlotte and across the Carolina’s, which is a story for a whole separate post and I could go on and on about.

The guy is simply not likable, and has made quite literally every bad decision possible along the way, putting us in the spot we’re in now: no first round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft (though with our record, we should have the first overall choice this coming year), no Christian McCaffrey, no DJ Moore, and Steve Wilks, our interim HC from last year, is coaching a very impressive San Francisco 49ers defense and should’ve stayed here, but I digress…

And that’s just the big stuff I can name off the top of my head…

Well, as you can imagine, I think tensions are running high around Bank of America stadium, and things seemingly boiled over this afternoon as Tepper looks to have thown a drink at a Jaguars fan in the seats below his suite at the end of the game.

The video doesn’t have any sound, but Christy Honsberger, a fan in a suite nearby, caught the moment on video, where you can see Tepper visibly upset as he tosses the liquid from the drink out the window at a fan, who a few seconds later, is seen leaning in the window yelling Lord knows what at the billionaire.

It’s not representative of the people in our state (Tepper is from Pittsburgh and recently moved to Charlotte when he bought the team five years ago with no prior connection to the city or states), and obviously, it was a very classless and embarrassing thing to do, to say the very least about it.

I’m embarrassed to say he owns our team (and have been since day one), but this… it’s simply inexcusable from an NFL owner, or any sports fan for that matter, and I hope he’s embarrassed by his actions with the video now going mega-viral.

I’m sure there were words exchanged prior to it escalating to this level, and obviously everyone is upset because we want to win, but this is just beyond anything I’ve ever seen:

Stay tuned, I have a feeling there’s more to come from this story…

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