Nobody Had Any Sympathy For Florida State As They Copped Out, Opted Out, & Got Destroyed By Georgia

FSU vs Georgia
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What a joke the Orange Bowl turned out to be. Florida State tried to manufacture a shred of plausible deniability by having all their star players opt out of their matchup against Georgia.

Meanwhile, Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs didn’t pack it in just because they were excluded from the College Football Playoff. They let their hate out and treated like a national championship game, unlike the Seminoles, who whined and wept about how they didn’t get into the CFP Final Four.

Comeuppance in real time is a beautiful thing. Georgia blasted FSU 63-3. That’s right. Sixty-three to three. A 60-point margin of victory. SIXTY. Numerical form isn’t enough to emphasize how much of a legendary a**-kicking this was.

The literal live broadcaster had nothing else to say by the end, save for that the business of college football is broken.

You know how I said the Orange Bowl was a joke? What does it tell you that Georgia players were IG live streaming on the sidelines DURING THE GAME?

If you had told me or anyone for that matter that the Bulldogs would somehow top their margin of victory from their 65-7 national championship trouncing of TCU literally less than one year later, you’d be laughed out of any room you were in. You’d be thought of to be the biggest f*cking idiot there ever was.

Except that’s what actually happened. Sadly, the Horned Frogs didn’t have the opt-out excuse. Let’s not lose sight of who’s to blame for the current debacle, however. That’d be Florida State’s band of quitters.

How do you complain so hard about the gross miscarriage of justice of being left out of the College Football Playoff despite an unblemished record, and then just opt out of a high-profile bowl game en masse!? The football gods rewarded Georgia, who made it clear they felt they belonged in the CFP, too. The difference was that they, you know, did something about it.

Like don’t get me wrong. I understand players opting out of a bowl game with NFL futures to consider. But you can’t make such a collective stink about not being in the CFP and just cop out of a shot to square off with the two-time reigning national champions! What did we all just see?? Mike Norvell has to be beyond embarrassed. What a sham. What a bad product. What a dark day for college football in general.

You could’ve plugged in Charlie Ward, Peter Warrick and any number of ex-Noles in that game, and the Bulldogs would’ve pulverized them. Instead of Florida State staking any sort of claim to a faux national championship, it’s Georgia who has a legit case after looking like the biggest juggernaut college football has ever seen.

The reactions to what unfolded on Saturday night had me laughing harder than I was at taking the Georgia -25.5 alt spread live at +120 odds. To give you an idea of that thrilling hilarity, the Bulldogs scored three TDs in seven offensive plays and ultimately led 42-3 at half. They pulled starting quarterback Carson Beck to start the third quarter. Didn’t get much better for the Seminoles from then on. The Internet didn’t have any spare cares to give to FSU. Deservedly so.

Here’s the raw footage of the citrus carnage that was the Georgia-Florida State Orange Bowl.

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