Ryan Fitzpatrick Ribs Aaron Rodgers With Vaccine Status Joke On Thursday Night Football

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Aaron Rodgers
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Is it safe to say that Aaron Rodgers got more media time not playing this year than he would have if he played?

It seems like tearing his Achilles took him off the field, then immediately placed Rodgers on our TVs for an endless amount of “will he play-won’t he play” content, which finally wrapped up before Christmas when he came out and said he wouldn’t be returning this season.

Rodgers had faith in modern day medicine (see what I did there?), and was trying to become the fastest player to return to play with an Achilles injury since running back Cam Akers came back in less than six months.

And speaking of faith in modern medicine, there’s one thing that’s going to follow around Rodgers for the rest of his career, and that’s his vaccination status. Remember the whole “I’m immunized” thing that happened with Aaron back in 2021, where he made everyone think he had the COVID vaccine when he really did not?

It set off a media firestorm and it still gets talked about today. Rodgers continues to troll the media about it, they continue to get mad, and it just creates a never-ending content cycle (can’t hate it as a sports blogger).

Just recently, on his weekly Pat McAfee appearance, Rodgers said that media members should have to disclose their vaccine status before they criticize him:

Ryan Fitzpatrick was happy to hilariously comply.

The former NFL quarterback (probably better described as NFL journeyman) is now an analyst for Prime’s Thursday Night Football, and before TNF’s season finale between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns, Fitzpatrick decided to ask Rodgers a question.

“Fitzmagic” decided to introduce himself before he asked the question, saying:

“Hey Aaron, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Class of 2005, twice vaccinated…”

As the kids are saying nowadays (I think, I don’t really know), GOT ‘EM.

Aaron laughed it off, since he’s kind of made a living off of COVID jokes during his weekly appearances on The Pat McAfee Show.

You can’t dish them out if you can’t take them, so shoutout to Fitzpatrick for slinging a vaccination jab at Rodgers,… and shoutout to A-A-Ron for taking a good joke.

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