Grizzly Bear Lunges At Camper After Being Antagonized By Snowmobiles

grizzly bear

I don’t know exactly what’s happening here, but I do know I want nothing to do with it.

My idea of camping is setting up a tent in the woods, watching the stars, and drinking whiskey while cooking the fish I caught earlier in the day. But as this video shows, not everyone has the same idea of where you should set up.

While at a fishing camp in Russia, some people decided to take the snow mobiles out for a ride when they noticed a grizzly bear that was getting a bit too close for comfort, so in typical Russian fashion, they decided to try and chase it off.

Why they did this instead of battening down the hatches at camp I don’t understand, but regardless, these two guys took off and began driving the bear back to the mountains while making some circles around it.

If there was a “How not to act around bears 101” class, this would certainly be in it, I mean why would you get close to the thing, let alone antagonize it? I get you want to protect your camp, but still, this seems crazy.

Well, as you’d imagine, the bear eventually had enough of this game of cat and mouse and took a swipe at the rider who was filming when he got within a few feet of its backside. Turning around and raising up on its hind legs, the bear lunges at the rider with violence in mind, but wasn’t able to get a hold of him and the campers, presumably, were able to ride off.

Like I said, I don’t know why you do this. Just watching this bear sprint away from the snow mobiles until it decides it’s going to attack shows just how agile and powerful they are, so getting it riled up while being in striking distance is the least advisable thing on the planet.

Fortunately, the riders got away safely, but I hope this close call made them rethink doing this in the future. I get you sometimes need to run a bear off, but how about you don’t get close enough for it to eat you?

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A beer bottle on a dock