Woman Gets Antlers To The Head After Trying To Feed Deer Out Of Her Hand


You mess with the deer, you get the antlers.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of people on Planet Earth think that they have a special connection with animals. That usually leads to some potentially dangerous circumstances, where people walk right up to bison and get gored, or little kids get double leg kicked by deer.

Something along the same lines happened in this video, where a woman must have thought she was Mother Nature herself and tried to hand feed a deer. Things looked to be going okay at first, but that’s the thing about wild animals. You might think you’ve got a good read on them, and right as you let your guard down around them, they attack.

That’s pretty much exactly what happened in this clip. The deer surrounding the woman seemed friendly, so she stooped down to get eye level with them in order to give them some food. Once she did that, you know she was going to get rocked by one of the deer.

She turned her head for just a second, and then unfortunately got the brunt force of the buck’s antlers right to the side of the head. Nature is supposed to be breathtaking, and the person that was behind the camera in this video certainly had her breath taken away.

And I’d probably say the woman that got bulldozed by the deer had the breath knocked out of her as well, along with some other injuries from this nasty surprise takedown:

As the caption states, the “Disney movie” vibes went away real quick. It’s one of those videos where you can say “you hate to see it,” when in reality, you actually don’t mind to see it. Let this be a lesson, for the millionth time, to stay away from wildlife.

Oh, and by the way, social media was having a field day in the reply section of this video:

That’s a good way to put it.

But guess what? Just as wild animals will always do their thing, humans will always be humans..and do stupid stuff like this.

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