Swifties Are Losing Their Minds After Travis Kelce Teases Surprise Guests On Upcoming ‘New Heights’ Holiday Spectacular Episode

Travis Kelce
New Heights Podcast

If this rings true…I think this podcast episode could break the internet.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been very public with their relationship, which Swifites love, but Chiefs fans hate, deeming Taylor Swift as the Yoko Ono of football. While I deem it unfair to pin the Chiefs’ bad luck string solely on the new relationship that Travis Kelce has found himself in, it will stop the haters.

But one thing that fans are not going to hate is if Taylor Swift makes an appearance on the next episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast, New Heights. 

During the most recent episode of the podcast, “Chiefs Christmas Chaos, Eagles “Swift-mas” and a White Elephant Flame Thrower,” the brothers tease the next episode that is dropping on Friday of this week. The ‘holiday spectacular’ special is set to drop later this week and will feature some special guests, the host teased.

“We got a guest episode coming up … for you 92 percenters for being so loyal and tuning in every single week and being such fans of the Kelce household, we have a Kelce family year-end holiday spectacular.” 

Travis said during the episode that dropped today.

“It’ll be fun … we haven’t even recorded it yet. It’s going to be fun; it always is.”

He added. While Travis noted the podcast episode will feature a lot of members of the Kelce family, fans of Taylor Swift quickly jumped to conclusions that Swift might be appearing on the podcast.

“We’re going to ask the family members some of the questions you guys have been submitting.”

Jason said, which further led to the speculation that Swift might appear, given there will likely be a ton of questions about Swift and Travis’ relationships. The episode title also said “Swiftmas” so needless to say, fans are beside themselves.

While some are optimistic, there probably isn’t a very good chance that Taylor would make an appearance on the show. She is well known for only making very specific media appearances, and while Travis is her boyfriend, I just don’t see any way that it happens.

Time will only tell if the “Lover” pop star will appear on her beau’s podcast, but getting the whole gang together to chat would be pretty legendary. The internet would for sure be moving slowly on Friday if Swifties’ dreams come true.

If you want to catch up on the episodes, check out their most recent episode here.

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