Even Taylor Swift Can No Longer Stand The Incompetence Of NFL Officiating Crews

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was in attendance to support her boo Travis Kelce for the Chiefs’ game against the Patriots in Foxborough, and the refs — for the umpteenth time this season — blew a clear pass interference call by not throwing the flag.

Kelce is a legit superstar who’s dating an even bigger superstar. You’d think he’d get a superstar call like that. So what if it was a tad bit of an acting job? The New England defender was clearly face guarding Kelce, and shoved him down as Patrick Mahomes tried to deliver the ball to the end zone. That’s a no-brainer penalty every single time.

And Taylor wasn’t about to let any ref run away from it all without some accountability.

I love it when partners stand up for each other. It’s so relatable for all of us, isn’t it? Taylor is just now getting into football these days because of Kelce.

Credit her for getting up to speed on the game to understand a gross miscarriage of gridiron justice when she sees it. I’m more impressed that she knows what a DPI actually looks like.

The best part? Taylor has such a global brand. Countless young women and girls look up to her as a role model. And yet, she’s still unafraid to rip a f*cking F-bomb at a football game. No one’s going to give her sh*t for it, either. Talk smack if you want about her myriad of boyfriends and the songs they’ve inspired. You gotta admire somebody who’ll put their heart on the line in public like this, and be a true American who can vilify referees.

Hell yeah, Taylor. I hope she keeps showing up. Maybe Taylor Swift is the one who can finally spark desperately needed reform in the NFL officiating ranks.

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