Nile Crocodile Catches Himself A Big Ol’ Catfish

Crocodile eats catfish

There’s only one thing that fishermen (and women) love to do more than catch fish, and that’s show their big catches off.

That apparently translates to the Animal Kingdom as well, considering that this crocodile was noticeably proud of the catfish that it managed to snap in between its sharp, jagged teeth. This clip out of South Africa shows a young Nile crocodile parading around after a successful fishing session.

It’s unclear whether the crocodile snatched the fish out of the water itself or off the shore after something else managed to reel it in. All we know is that the croc couldn’t be happier with its catfish-dinner-for-one as it drags it back down into the water.

And you might be thinking to yourself as you’re watching this “how can you tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?” Lucky for you, I’ve actually got that answer for you, and it’s not as complicated as you may think.

In order to tell the difference between the two, it all really comes down to how they say goodbye. A crocodile will “see you in a while,” whereas an alligator will “see you later.” It’s a small difference, but a vastly important one.

I’ve done that joke before, but wanted to throw it in there just for good measure. There’s a chance that you (the reader) didn’t read the other article that I wrote way back when I cracked the “dad joke” the first time.

In all seriousness though, crocodiles have more pointier, v-shaped snouts, while alligators have wider, more u-shaped noses. There’s also a difference between the reptiles’ preference for water, with crocodiles typically preferring still or tap water, and alligators normally choosing sparkling or carbonated H20.

Alright, before I make any more ridiculous jokes (I’ll use the excuse of being the week in between Christmas and New Year’s), I’ll direct to you the video below of the crocodile hoisting the catfish proudly as it carries it into the water.

The caption on the post states:

“A young Nile Crocodile surprised us by proudly displaying a massive catfish it had just caught. Fish constitute the primary part of any crocodile’s diet, and are especially vital as younger crocodiles grow and develop over the years.”

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