German Shepherd Volunteers Himself To “Help” UPS Drivers While Delivering Packages

Dog mail

Good boy of the year.

We all know that we don’t deserve dogs, and this dog needs to be hired by UPS stat. While the delivery drivers have been stressed about ensuring that all the holiday gifts arrived at folks’ doorsteps on time, this German Shepherd was more than willing to step in and help out the team, whether they needed it or not.

As the delivery driver attempted to put an Amazon package on the recipient’s doorstep, a dog decided he would be a much better delivery driver. He snatched the package from the man, and instead of dropping it on the doorstep, the dog thought it would be fun to make a little game out of him getting it back.

What’s work without a little play, right?

“I didn’t deliver that to you; give me the package, baby.”

The delivery man says to the dog as the puppy adorably wanders away in hopes he will get to play a little game of tag out of it.

“They are going to say I didn’t deliver. Here…give me the package. Drop it. Drop it.” 

He says, trying to convince the good dog to drop the package. Meanwhile, the dog sits gingerly with the package between his teeth but shows no interest in giving it back.

The dog then trotted over to the other UPS delivery driver, who was able to retrieve it successfully from the dog. While the dog reluctantly hands it over, he is right on the driver’s heels as he places the package in the screen door, begging the dog to leave it alone.

As they walk back to the truck, the other delivery driver starts playing fetch with the pup, and his counterpart notes that they don’t have time for fetch. Poor dude wants a friend to play with.

But, judging from the looks of the yard, it looks like this is not this pup’s first rodeo in trying to help the mailmen deliver packages. Maybe if UPS put him in a uniform, he’d deliver more packages versus trying to play with them.

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