Did Zach Bryan Tease A Collaboration With John Mayer In The Middle Of The Night?

Zach Bryan John Mayer
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Zach Bryan is at it again, this time releasing intriguing teasers to new music in the middle of the night.

The man is every music fan’s dream. Bryan just released his self-titled album back in August, and he’s already nearing another album release. When it comes to somehow managing not to sacrifice quantity or quality while putting out a seemingly endless amount of music, no one in the entire music industry does it better than Zach Bryan.

Something that has become a staple of Bryan’s work is releasing snippets of his new, unreleased music on his social media accounts. Whether it be recordings of himself strumming along on his guitar and singing, or screen recordings of voice memos and audio files, the “I Remember Everything” singer is always giving his loyal followers a taste of things to come.

And in the middle of the night, he dropped a groovy track that seems to feature a talented guitarist, singer/songwriter and music producer that is no stranger to helping other artists out: John Mayer. Though it doesn’t directly come out and say “John Mayer played on this,” it’s hard to listen to this song’s string bends and tone and not associate it with Mayer’s signature sound.

Unfortunately, the clip has since been removed… but… gotta be John Mayer, right?

I’ve got to say, as a fan of both Bryan and Mayer, their two sounds come together seamlessly. And I would have included one of Bryan’s posts on Instagram that included Mayer in it, but it was removed shortly after it was posted a couple of months ago.

Some eagle eyed social media sleuths took a couple of screenshots before it could be erased though. Remember, everything is forever on the internet, especially if you are a popular artist and you accidentally let it slip that you are collaborating with another well-known artist:

Only time will tell if this untitled Zach Bryan song will actually feature John Mayer, but those who have listened to enough Mayer know that his signature guitar tone is rather recognizable.

Others in the reply section of Bryan’s succinct audio post seemed to be thinking the same thing:

Either way, the next album should be coming soon:

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