Great American Park Scene: Zach Bryan Teases New Song

Zach Bryan country music

It’s always a good day when Zach Bryan teases a brand new song.

There may not be another artist out there who puts out new music as quick as Bryan. Just in 2023 alone, the man dropped a self-titled album, “Dawns” featuring Maggie Rogers, and also an EP, Boys of Faith. And of course, he dropped his 34-song masterpiece, American Heartbreak, just last year.

And now, the man himself is teasing yet another brand new song, and just from judging by the short clip he dropped on social media, this new song will hit every ounce of emotion you’ve got.

Posted at what appears to be a picnic area, with a pack of hot dogs under the recorder, Bryan sings the lyrics:

“Rain started falling on the roof that morning
It was early wintertime
We fogged up the rear window of my ’67, beat down 305…”

And that’s when he hits us with these deep cutting lyrics:

“My lungs have been hurtin’ 
And it’s likely my liver has taken a lickin’ too
I need you, like Memphis needs the blues…”

On top of that, Bryan’s lead guitarist comes in with a punchy acoustic guitar solo in this stripped down teaser of the song. Of course, it seems like everything Bryan touches nowadays immediately turns to gold, and that’s why he’s become arguably the biggest name in country music over the past couple of years. You already know he’s working on that next project…

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock