The Internet Is Grossed Out After Seeing How Little Caesars Makes Their Pizza Sauce

Little Caesars

Do we ever really want to know what goes on in the kitchen before we eat our food?

There have been plenty of videos that have gone viral over the years of food being made in restaurant kitchens, and the result is pretty much always the same: People are grossed out.

Now don’t get me wrong, everybody still eats it. But maybe there are just some things we’re better off not knowing. What’s that old saying about seeing how the sausage is made?

Well this one’s not sausage, but sauce. Pizza sauce, to be exact.

A video has recently gone viral showing how Little Caesars makes the sauce for their famous Hot ‘N Ready pizzas – and it has a lot of people questioning their life choices.

It starts with a bucket of water and some seasonings, and then the “chef” adds in the tomato paste, mixes it all up (with a drill, apparently), and pretty soon it’s being slathered on a $5 pizza (Are they still $5 or has inflation got to those too?) and served up along with some Crazy Bread.

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And from the comments, it seems like people are shook:

“You mean to tell me I’m eating poop water?”

“So that’s why their sauce tastes like ass”

“It looks like poop water mixed with some tomato sauce and pepper.”

Seems a little harsh…

(Despite the fact that many thought it was dirty water going into the sauce, those are actually…spices. Duh).

Now, does it look the most appetizing when it’s being made? No.

But I mean, it’s $5. Did you really think they were back there cutting up tomatoes and roasting onions for homemade sauce? Of course not.

And I’ll be honest, Little Caesars pizza sauce is better than pretty much any chain pizza place out there, despite the fact that it’s also the cheapest. So they must be doing SOMETHING right…

Of course even after seeing how it’s made, there were still quite a few people who were undeterred and vowed to continue eating those cheap Hot ‘N Ready pizzas:

“I’ll still pay 5 bucks.”

“I don’t care how cheap that sauce is, I still want that damn bread with the sauce.”


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