Kid With Insanely Deep Voice Goes Viral Singing Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line”

Johnny Cash country music cover
Andrew Logan Hensley

I’m not a believer in reincarnation, but there has to be some Johnny Cash blood in this kid’s body somewhere.

Andrew Logan Hensley has been known to sing a Cash cover or two, and to say the kid sounds like and resembles him is a bit of an understatement.

Late last year, we saw him post a clip of him covering The Man In Black’s 1956 hit, “I Walk The Line,” and it had us all believing in ghosts.

And now, Hensley has recently released a full cover of the song, and it’s legit.

It’s always cool to see kids who can sing with a voice that sounds about five times older than his age, like Colter Wall, and now this kid. I mean how do these kids get their voices this deep? Because I know they’re too young to be smoking a pack of cigarettes a day (legally).

It’s gotta be just pure, God given ability.

Written and recorded in 1956, “I Walk The Line” went on to become Cash’s first-ever number one hit.

How about a little “Green Green Grass of Home”

He also does a pretty damn rendition of Don Williams/Waylon Jennings’ “Amanda.”

And speaking of Cash covers…

Punk Rock Street Performer Broke The Internet With A Johnny Cash Cover

Back in the day, there was a man known as the “Punk Rock Johnny Cash,” AKA Jesse Morris, who went viral years and years ago. He eventually became a fixture in the Bay Area busking scene.

At first glance, you see a dude decked out in punk rock gear, looking like he came straight out of a NOFX concert, playing his guitar in what appears to be a subway station in the Mission District of San Francisco.

But when he started playing Johnny Cash’s 1970 hit “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” written of course, by legendary songwriter Kris Kristofferson, jaws just about dropped through the floor. He sounds JUST like Johnny.

Just a phenomenal rendition of The Man In Black.

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