Hikers Find Mountain Lion Mauling Mule Deer Right Beside The Trail In California

Mountain attacks lion cougar
Nickolas Melville

Nature at its finest.

It’s a tough world out there and cougars are some of the toughest… and no, I’m not talking about the cougars you find lurking in the aisles at the grocery store.

These creatures are apex predators that are a force of nature, often going unseen until it is too late.

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are large cats that can weigh up to 220 pounds and measure up to 8 feet in length, including its tail.

These big cats are apex predators, meaning that they are at the top of the food chain in their ecosystems. They are stealthy hunters that often stalk their prey before pouncing on them from behind. They are capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves, like deer, elk, and even moose.

Mule deer are a common prey for these danger kitties. These large deer can weigh up to 330 pounds, and as the old saying goes… where there’s deer, there is mountain lions.

When one does attack a mule deer, they will usually go for the throat, suffocating the deer with a powerful bite. They are incredibly strong and can drag their prey several hundred yards to a more secluded location, so they are able to eat in peace.

And if you want to see a  display of strength, just look at this guy.

Three hikers came across a wild scene when out in the woods at Ranch San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Northern California. A mountain lion had taken on a mule deer right next to the trail. The absolutely jacked cat is seen latched onto the 4-point bucks face. Eventually, the buck loses all of its fight and gives into its certain fate.

The scary cat turns and stares into the camera then immediately turns back and latches onto the throat of the deer.

Just an insane thing to witness right along the trail.

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