No One Gets A Minnesota High School Gym More Amped Up Than Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins may not be playing for the Minnesota Vikings right now, but he’s certainly doing all that he can to keep the vibes around the team high.

That apparently means going to a random Minnesota high school pep rally and getting a Vikings “SKOL” chant going and rallying together a bunch of teenagers. And check it out, he’s walking without any crutches just a couple of months after suffering a season-ending (?) Achilles injury (there’s a question mark there because he could allegedly return to play in the Super Bowl).

I know he’s no Aaron Rodgers with his recovery, but he still deserves some credit. Kirk was on course to have the best season of his career when he went out in Week 8, so it must have been all the more devastating to go out in the way that he did.

Cousins hasn’t really slowed down at all off the field since his injury. He was seen serving Thanksgiving meals in a walking boot a couple of weeks after his Achilles surgery, and in the video below, he made an appearance at a high school pep rally (which if you can remember, we’re always the best, regardless of what they were for).

With the drum and all, Kirk walked out onto the basketball court and led the gymnasium in a rowdy, impassioned “SKOL” chant:


As a Vikings fan, I’m liking the vibes coming from this video. With all that Minnesota has been through this year (horrible start, franchise QB injury leading to quarterback carousel, can’t win [or lose] a game by more than one score to save their lives), it would be so on brand for the Vikings to run the tables the rest of the way and win the division.

Good vibes only for the Vikes, and it starts with a home matchup against the Detroit Lions this weekend. Like Kirk had the gymnasium screaming, I’ll finish this story with a large, resounding, rallying:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock