NHL Announcer Accidentally Takes Swig Right Out Of Co-Host’s Dip Spitter Live On The Air

NHL announcers

The worst mix-up that could ever happen in the world happened the other night during an NHL game, and thankfully (for us), it was all caught on camera.

This is definitely a situation deserving of a trip to the penalty box, even though it took place between two non-hockey-players . Play-by-play announcer Marc Moser and color commentator Mark Rycroft were calling a Colorado Avalanche game together when the unthinkable happened.

Moser had been using a coffee cup on the table as his “spitter,” which was identical to the cups that Rycroft also had that were probably filled with…you know, non-tobacco spit. You probably already know where this is going now, don’t you?

Rycroft, while in the heat of the moment, accidentally grabbed his partner’s coffee spitter cup, and proceeded to take a huge (and I mean a “I’m parched” level) sip out of it. The shock and horror washes over Rycroft’s face almost immediately as he realizes his drastic mistake.

Some things that people would rather do than take a sip of tobacco spit? Sure, we can do that real quick.

-Stub your toe in the middle of the night

-Burn the top of your mouth/tongue

-Miss an 8-leg, +11400 parlay by one leg

-Battle with Chuck Norris (in the prime Chuck Norris joke era)

Listen to Florida Georgia Line

-Literally anything else at all

As you can see, there’s not much worse than mistakenly taking a swig of someone’s dip spit (except for the one thing I revised, which is actually slightly worse).

But back to the horrific situation that unfolded in the announcers booth. Rycroft was trying his best to be a consummate professional, rinsing out his mouth with his own drinks, and even turning one of his own cups into a makeshift spitter to get the horrid dip spit flavor out of his mouth.

It’s a wonder how he was able to avoid throwing up in such a gross, unfortunate situation. And props to him for working through it while appearing to continue calling the game. That show’s you how much Rycroft loves hockey…

They kept the video of the incident under wraps for a while, but finally released it as a “Christmas gift” of sorts. It’s tough to watch, but if you’re like me, you’ll end up rewatching it a couple of times.

Check it out:

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