Gabby Barrett Says She Won’t “Jeopardize Her Marriage” By Singing A Duet With Man: “There’s Been Large Song Opportunities”

Gabby Barrett
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Gabby Barrett reveals something that some might think is a little out of the norm for her industry.

American Idol alum Gabby Barrett has been in the hot seat in the past for her relationship with fellow season alum Cade Foehner. The public perception of Foehner in the past has been that he is too protective of Barrett, which borderlines an unhealthy relationship.

The internet thinks this even more so after Barrett’s recent interview on the podcast Unexpected with Hannah Love. 

During the interview, Barrett told the podcast host that she had turned down several song features because they were with a man or the lyrics contained intimate words about love or relationships.

“I won’t get into specific songs, but there’s been large song opportunities that have come in for me to do, add-on or be a part of, and something between myself and my husband and I respect him a ton and I listen to what he has to say and I think he deserves that. 

And there’s been songs that are just not appropriate to sing wording-wise. These love songs that are really intimate.”

Barrett continues defending her point that it’s more than just what happens in the studio. When you collaborate with someone, she often thinks about the dynamic on stage and how it will play out in the public eye.

“When you accept a song, there’s obligations that go along with it, that you could sing it on award shows together, you might be doing interviews together. What does that look like on the stage? What does that dynamic look like? If I’m singing with another man, is that going to make my husband uncomfortable? Probably.”

And I respect him and love him so much that I’m not going to jeopardize my marriage to do a duet with somebody, you know. I care about this a lot more, and I pray and hope and know that God will bless my efforts in trying to keep my marriage straight, and not just for a duet or whatever it is.”

The internet was lit up from her statements about jeopardizing her marriage, saying that her husband must be very insecure to have her “dim her light” by turning down these duets.

“If you have to dim your lights to be in the relationship… this man doesn’t deserve you.”

One Twitter user noted.

The singer snagged a CMA Award in 2021, but since then, the 23-year-old has not had much time in the limelight for her music contributions.  As a mom of three, she stands firm in the values that she and her husband have agreed upon, but that has not stopped the internet from expressing their concern for the relationship she has found herself in.

Check out some of the comments on Twitter left under the People Magazine headline.

Seems like a red flag. Jealously never lasts in a relationship.”

“If all they are doing is singing, I don’t see how having a duet is jeopardizing your marriage.”

“It’s singing, not 69 on a public street.”

“First sign your relationship isn’t meant to be.”

“That marriage sounds fun.”

“Whoever she is, that means someone in that relationship is insecure and prone to jealousy. Grow up.”

Maybe they should spend a little time with Bunnie Xo or Morgane Stapleton, who let their significant other partake in duets that address heavy-hitting and loving lyrical content. Gabby Barrett could be cutting herself out of many money-making opportunities from this stance.

In the meantime check out the music video that lead to her CMT Award win, “The Good Ones”

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