Ashley McBryde Learned American Sign Language So She Could Talk To The Non-Hearing Community During “Light On In The Kitchen” At Live Shows

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Ashley McBryde is such a badass.

She recently reached 500,000 followers on TikTok, and instead of celebrating with a less meaningful marker like having a drink or something of that nature, she decided to learn American Sign Language.

Or at least, enough to say a few things to fans who are can’t hear or are hard of hearing that attend her concerts.

Seeing as music is obviously a very audible experience, Ashley wanted everyone to feel welcome and like they’re part of her show, so she started signing a few sentences to fans at the end of “Light On In The Kitchen” every night on tour.

In a recent video shared on Instagram, she explained why that was so important to her:

“I did that when I reached 500,000 followers on TikTok. You know how everybody’s like, I’m gonna eat this giant sandwich, or I’m gonna drink 500,00 beers, or whatever…

I thought it would be nice to learn ASL, that way it does some good for other people, not just for myself.”

A very kind and no doubt time-consuming thing to learn, but it just goes to show what kind of person she Ashley, on top of being an extremely talented and deserving artist:

“You know… we have interpreters at big shows when you’ve got video wall capabilities, and we don’t have that. But I thought it would be nice if at a show, if we could say that part of the show is for our non-hearing community, our hard of hearing community.

That I see you, it is good to be together, that it is nice to meet you and welcome. And that just, I don’t know, it just seems like it’s the right thing to do, I guess.

Always leave the light on in the kitchen. Everyone should be able to sing along.”

A true one of a kind, they just don’t make many like Ashley McBryde… MUCH respect to her for doing something so damn cool and unexpected:

She just released her fourth studio album The Devil I Know in September, which is one of my favorite things she’s ever put out and gets better with every listen.

One of the standouts is her current single at country radio, the aforementioned “Light On In The Kitchen,” which is a sentimental song that finds her reflecting on the lessons her mom taught her and how comforting the thought of going home still is to her as an adult.

Written by Ashley along with Connie Harrington and Jessi Alexander, it’s a simple, heartfelt song and I think will continue to do well and climb the charts at country radio… and now, I hope it does even more.

Turn it up:

“Light On In The Kitchen”

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