Rutting Buck Mounts Reindeer Christmas Decoration, Knocks Her Head Off, Then Takes A Walk Of Shame

Deer smashes Christmas deer

The Christmas spirits sure were flowing in this buck…

We’re just under 105 hours until Christmas, which means the nitty gritty of it all is about to start.

Seeing your family, traveling around the country to open presents in Aunt Linda’s living room, pounding Busch Lights with your cousins in the garage, it’s all just part of the season. Don’t forget to compliment Uncle Jerry on the outside Christmas lights either, he worked hard on those! Everyone agrees…

Well, as we’ve seen time and time again, while humans tend to love Christmas lights, it seems wild animals are confused at best with these light up things that take up yard space in December.

We’ve seen a black bear take out an inflatable Rudolph and a lighted, wire reindeer, and a group of deer stomp out another Rudolph, but just when you think it’s universal that all wild animals hate decorations, a different type of video hits your feed.

This one also involves a deer and a decorative reindeer, but instead of trying to fight it, this one was trying to do just about the opposite.

Captured by a security camera, we see a buck approach the backside of the reindeer, get up on its hind legs, and being trying to do the dirty, but just as the buck is getting into it, he accidentally knocks the reindeers’ head clear off its body, sending it tumbling to the ground.

As you can imagine, this was quite the shock for our buck friend, who stopped for a minute to take inventory of what just happened.

Some of the comments summed it up pretty nicely…

“That deer need therapy after that”

“I’m glad he didn’t continue after her head fell off.”

“He’s thinking…omg I f**king killed her…I gotta get out of here”

“So good it knocked its head off”

“She had her MIND BLOWN”

“That walk of shame at the end, oh… oops, so… I call you?”

And of course, the obligatory…

“Oh deer”

The literal walk of shame after what he had done is just so funny, I mean he probably thinks he just murdered a reindeer, right before the holidays no less, how awful. Keep an eye out for your decorations this year. Not only may they be in danger of being killed, but they may just get a humping.

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