Morgan Wallen Makes Appearance In Drake’s New Music Video For “You Broke My Heart”

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Two of the biggest names in music in one video.

Today, superstar Drake released a new music video for his song “You Broke My Heart,” which was featured on his recent For All The Dogs album and was the last track on the For All the Dogs Scary Hours edition.

It’s the current single from the aforementioned album, slowly but surely climbing the charts at mainstream Top 40 radio, and has the potential to be a big hit.

Unlike most country songs, which will usually have four writers at the most, “You Broke My Heart” was written by a slew of people including Aubrey Graham, Anderson Hernandez, Michael Mulé, Isaac De Boni, Alexander Morand, Kenny Thomas and Frank Wilson.

And you might see a very familiar face in the video, as country music’s own star Morgan Wallen makes an appearance at the beginning, where you see the two of them having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Morgan tells Drake that he didn’t like the girl he just ended things with, and thinks she “might’ve been the wrong girl anyway,” and they proceed to leave together, though the girl seemingly gets the last laugh.

I won’t spoil it though, you’ll have to see what happens for yourself below…

And while Morgan isn’t featured singing on the song, with him (seemingly) randomly being in the video, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two collaborate on a song together sometime next year.

Morgan has previously worked with rapper Lil Durk on “Stand By Me” and “Broadway Girls,” and considering the monster year he just wrapped up in 2023, I don’t know of any Top 40 mainstream artists who wouldn’t want a piece of that right now…

Check it out:

“You Broke My Heart”

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