Zach Wilson’s Mom Says He Played Through A Concussion: “He Tried To Stay Out There For His Teammates”

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The trials and tribulations of the New York Jets continue…

A week after being named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week, quarterback Zach Wilson was put through the ringer in this last weekend’s game against the Miami Dolphins. Wilson was running for his life while he was in the game, which ended in a lopsided defeat in favor of the Dolphins.

Zach actually exited the game in the second quarter after suffering a hit to the helmet, and we’re now finding out that he was most likely suffering from concussion symptoms prior to him coming out of the game. Who broke that news to the NFL world? None other than Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa, who shared news about her son via her Instagram story.

An X user originally posted this message in regards to the information she shared:

“According to Zach Wilson’s mom via her Instagram story… he played through having symptoms of a concussion and didn’t tell anyone until he took another hit to the head. He had blurred vision and lost his depth of perception… he tried to stay out there for his teammates but couldn’t.”

And then later updated the post with the actual video pulled from Lisa Wilson’s Instagram story. In the clip, a concerned Lisa Wilson thanks fans for their kind words and prayers and provides an update about why her son left the game early in the second quarter:

“So I did want to take a second to thank everybody for your kind messages and your prayers. Yesterday, was a little bit rough. Zach took some really, really big hits and he fought through it and really tried to stay out on the field.

He didn’t want to go off. He didn’t want to stop playing. So he didn’t tell the sideline coaches and the trainers how he was really feeling. He tried to fight through it and keep going so he could be out there for his guys and then finally, after one more blow to the head, he really started having problems with blurred vision and his depth perception.”

This comes just a couple of weeks after Zach Wilson was reportedly “hesitant” to return to the starting lineup after he was benched by the New York Jets coaching staff. The young QB, who was thrust into the starting position after Aaron Rodgers went down four snaps into his Jets tenure, has had quite the frustrating year, to say the least.

And for those hoping that Aaron Rodgers would be back on the field to “save the day,” the chances of that seem to be increasingly slim after Rodgers’ latest update on his injury status:

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