Jalen Hurts Post-Game Presser Has Some Fans Worried That The Philadelphia Eagles Are Broken

Jalen Hurts

Early on in the season, the Philadelphia Eagles looked unbeatable, but as the year comes to a close, they are currently on a three-game losing streak.

It seemed as though the Eagles were destined to waltz into an NFC East title, though the math on that has changed after their most recent, heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Philadelphia can still win their division, but the path to the number one seed in the playoffs got a little more complicated.

And speaking of complicated, the situation with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts certainly got complex last night after the game. Hurts was originally questionable for the game as he battled with an illness, even taking a separate plane to Seattle so that he didn’t get any of his teammates sick.

Considering that, he should probably get a pass for some of the things he said after the 20 to 17 loss to Seattle. Hurts definitely wasn’t trying to say anything controversial, though he might’ve slipped up in his tired and sick state when he said this about his team’s performance:

“I’ve been talking about execution all year. Been on the same page, everyone has been on the same page. We didn’t execute. I don’t think we’re all committed enough.

Just got to turn it around, and it’s a challenge we have to embrace and just continue to see it through.”

The big thing that people are hung up on there is the “I don’t think we’re all committed enough line.” If you watched the video above, you probably noticed a reporter double down on that portion, and Hurts continued to talk in “useless sports jargon” in an attempt to deescalate the comment.

That quote, along with how the Eagles have looked in the past three weeks, has caused a lot of concern in the sports world and on social media. Plenty of NFL fans have chosen to recklessly gather that the reign of the Eagles is over, and the team is “broken.”

Just look at some of the commentary happening on social media:

And to make matters worse, the Eagles’ patented “Tush Push/Brotherly Shove” was foiled by…the referees during Philly’s last game. As it turns out, some are looking into the possibility that Eagles center Jason Kelce has been illegally moving the ball forward before every tush push play.

He was finally called on it during the game between the Eagles and Seahawks, as you can see in the video below:

Not a great time in the NFL season for the Philadelphia Eagles to be falling apart…

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