Fishermen Spot One Of The Largest Crocodiles On The Planet In Malaysia

Massive crocodile

A whole dinosaur.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never seen a crocodile before in my life. However, after watching this video, I’m completely content with just seeing one through my phone screen. This wild scene took place in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, when a group of people on a boat were videoing the bank of the river.

As they make their way down the river, you can see a BEAST appear on the bank. A beast so big, they think it might even be bigger than the late, great Lolong, who was the largest crocodile in captivity, measuring over 20 feet and 2,300 pounds. He passed away in 2013, but is largely regarded as a croc near the top of the spectrum.

Saltwater crocodiles can grow up over 20 feet in length and weigh between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds.

A number of comments on the video argued that it was nowhere near as large as Lolong was, but nevertheless, it’s a big ol’ boy.

I mean seriously, this son of a gun is so large that it almost makes you wonder if it’s even real, like one of those CGI monsters you’d see in a terrible Sci-Fi film. All I know is that if I were these folks, I’d have to get paid a TON of money to get back in a boat on this river again, knowing that this crocodile could be lurking underneath me at any given moment.

In fact, I think I might be jumping on board with the conspiracy theory that this thing was created in a lab.

Just see for yourself:

@sabreehs Bujang Salak #fyp #kuchingsarawak #crocodile #rizzler ♬ MONACO – Bad Bunny

14-Foot Crocodile Dubbed “Croczilla” Could Be The Largest In Florida

The nickname “Croczilla” isn’t thrown around lightly, and from the looks of the pictures of this huge crocodile, I’d say that this creature deserves the title.

According to KIRO, Kymberly Clark has been snapping photos of the 14-foot long crocodile in the Everglades National Park in Homestead, Florida, and “Croczilla” is starting to go viral.

Many are marveling at the intimidating size of the crocodile, while others are focused in on the massive, menacing teeth that this crocodile is rocking (Elton John joke).

Hopefully Clark has a long range zoom camera lens because I don’t think anyone should be getting close to that behemoth of a beast. However, Clark seems pretty excited about this “Croczilla” sighting, and has even posted about it multiple times on her Instagram profile.

In one of the first posts dedicated to the viral crocodile (hey that rhymes), Clark introduced it by saying:

“Meet Croczilla, the largest crocodile in Everglades National Park (and quite possibly Florida)! Although Crocs are native to America, this estimated 14-foot+ crocodile is about the largest croc found in the wild.”

I’d like to see a picture of a crocodile bigger than this one. Actually, on second thought, no I wouldn’t.

Trying to wrap my head around an alligator that is the length of two Shaquille O’Neals (in theory, of course we wouldn’t lay the 7-foot national treasure known as Shaq next to a dangerous animal) is hard enough to do, so I can’t imagine finding one that is even bigger.

It seems as though the wildlife photographer has been tracking down “Croczilla” for quite some time.

She adds in the Instagram post:

“This Croc has been on my herping (reptile searching) bucket list for a while now. So excited to have finally met him!”

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but not only are the teeth rather large, they are also weirdly white. You would think that a carnivorous animal like the crocodile would show some wear and tear or faded tooth color, but it looks like “Croczilla” has a pretty strict teeth-whitening routine.

You can get a really good look at them in another Instagram video posted by Kym Clark. She comically captions the video with:

“Open wide, Croczilla! Show us what you’ve got!

Here’s your chance to get a close-up look into a 14-foot American crocodile’s mouth, without having to smell his breath (or be eaten). You’re welcome!”

Long live “Croczilla,” I guess?

You might be seeing all these pictures and thinking “I still can’t tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator.” Well, I’ve got a fool proof way to differentiate between the two creatures, so listen up.

A crocodile will see you in a while, whereas an alligator will see you later.

I’ll see myself out…

Big Crocodile Snaps Pig In Half

Like a toothpick…

Crocodiles are some of the fiercest predators on planet Earth, wielding a powerful tail, strong swimming abilities, phenomenal stealth under water, and the most forceful bite known to man.

Long story short… you don’t want to run into one. And if this video isn’t the proof, I don’t know what is.

Shared by Joe Rogan recently, the video isn’t very long, but what it lacks in length (and context) it makes up for with… well, just watch…


Snapped that pig in half like a pretzel rod. Just a quick flip of the head and that’s all she wrote… a split hog.

Alligator Creeps On Land To Grab Wild Hog

If you thought you only had to worry about alligators in the water, they let you know they’re dominant on land as well.

A video from Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, Florida proves just that, as visitors were able to get some awesome footage of an alligator leaving the water, creeping up on a nest of wild pigs, snatching one easily, then returning to the water for a feast.

The gator looks right at home while stealthily moving up on the hogs, not making a sound or doing anything to alert its soon to be dinner of his presence.

A short explosion of speed and the gator has dinner in between its powerful jaws.

Maybe even crazier, when the alligator gets back into the water with its kill, 6 more alligators appear out of nowhere and start making their way over to where the food is. They must have sensed or heard the ruckus going on and decided they might get a bite or two out of it.

And I can’t blame them, but going to go out on a limb and say the gator who did the work is going to keep that one for himself…

What a crazy sight, though… nature at its finest.

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