Big Ol’ Service Dog Sitting Courtside Steals The Show At Los Angeles Lakers Game

Lakers service dog

It’s a tall task to steal the show at an NBA game, and this big ole service dog was just tall enough to successfully pull it off.

The Los Angeles Lakers were facing off against the New York Knicks, and a matchup of those two big-market heavyweights would usually be the main story. However, what happened on the court didn’t stand a chance against what was happening just off the court.

In the court side seats, a service dog by the name of Brody was the actual main event of the night. The first time the “good boy” got screen time was when he was asleep underneath his owner’s seats. It appears that the dog was wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey, which is just adorable, and obviously very fitting for the game.

The first look at “Brody” the big ole service dog can be seen in the first part of the clip below:

Brody’s first appearance on the NBA broadcast was great, but the stakes were much higher in his second appearance. During a break in the action, the Lakers fired up the “Dance Cam,” and it was the service dog’s time to shine.

The broadcaster could barely keep it together as he provided commentary on the dog’s dancing, saying:

“That’s Brody. That’s the dog’s name that we showed you earlier. The service dog who’s now a lap dog, the largest lap dog in NBA history. I’ve never seen this in 30 plus years. You usually (only) see the dogs that perform during timeouts, the little ones that run up and down and catch frisbees.”

Bust-a-move Brody!

Any and every pet owner has done this exact same thing with their dog and/or cat. Setting your pet on your lap and moving their arms to make them appear to be dancing is a right of passage, and in this case, the best form of in-game entertainment.

Check out the good boy showing off his good moves in the footage below:

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