Man Dressed As “Happy Gilmore” Character Pulls Off 18 Holes of Golf, 18 Beers, 18 Hot Dog Challenge


To all the haters that said it couldn’t be done, what do you have to say about the 18-18-18 challenge now?

For those that aren’t familiar with the 18-18-18 challenge, it has to do with the game of golf, and a couple things you have to accomplish while you are golfing. The test is only for the strongest of the strongest, and requires a golfer to complete 18 holes of golf, while consuming one hotdog per hole and one beer on each hole’s tee-box.

The idea is something that seems like it should only exist in tall tales and mythology, but one brave man on TikTok decided to face the challenge and make it a reality. And to make things even better, he dressed up as “Mr. Larson” from Happy Gilmore while going to war with the golfing/eating/drinking challenge.

Spirits are high and the beer and hot dogs are flowing early on. Each hole, the man is filmed by the tee marker as he chows down on a dog and throws back a beer (sometimes opting to shotgun it). It’s really only around hole 12 where he starts to look like he’s not having that much fun.

But if the 18-18-18 challenge was easy, everyone would do it. It’s a test that separates the men from the boys, and is not something that all mere mortals can handle. All that I ask is that the PGA Tour considers putting this format of golf into competition. Actually, on second thought, the 18-18-18 challenge seems more like a LIV golf thing…

Once the man gets to hole 17, the beer is clearly starting to catch up. His consumption of both the dogs and the beer is getting slower, and “Mr. Larson” even missed the ball on tee shot when he swung at it on the 17th tee. Despite all of the struggles and adversity, he made it all the way through the 18 hole round, and officially beat the 18-18-18 challenge.

The video was posted on TikTok with a Happy Gilmore themed caption:

“And YOU can count, on ME, waiting for YOU in the parking lot…for a few more beers.”

@ronnydoitche And YOU can count, on ME, waiting for YOU in the parking lot… For a few more Beers. #beer #golf #golftiktok #barstool #golfer #football #guinnessworldrecords #nascar #happygilmore #golfcourse #fyp #weekend #golfclub #gun #comedyvideo #18holes #college ♬ original sound – RonnyDoitche

There are a lot of great moments in the clip, but my favorite has to be when the group of guys shotgun beers in the parking lot (bringing “Mr. Larson’s” count up to 19) and an older man walks by, asking:

“Did you break the record? Oh, you just did? Terrific.”

Hell yeah he did. Put that man’s scorecard in the pro-shop RIGHT NOW and say that he has the course record. It definitely more impressive than just a regular, under-par round of golf, and I’d love to see someone try to beat it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock