Grizzly Bear Ambushes Moose And Her Two Calves In Denali National Park

Moose in denail national park

The ambush is a classic hunting technique used be hunters across the globe. The old “hurry up and wait” game. It involves setting up in an area where an animal is likely to pass through and waiting there quietly until that happens.

It’s a popular method for hunters, not so much for a grizzly bear, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen because it does for sure. Bears are opportunistic predators and this video showcases their hunting abilities.

Grizzly bears hunting moose is no surprise at all. They love them. How could they not though? Moose are the largest member of the deer family, a family which grizzly bears and most predators love to get ahold of. I mean, moose are one of the best tasting animals out there.

Moose calves have a hard go with bears. In the spring and into the summer of each year, these bears are on the lookout for them. Being young, the calves aren’t as strong or fast and are much easier for a grizzly to take out, while still being large enough to provide a very good meal.

This grizzly in Denali National Park has been around the block when it comes to hunting. He catches wind of the moose and sets up behind a bush. The mother wearily approaches but doesn’t really know the grizzly is right there until it runs out at her only feet away.

The bear chases the mother off and leaves itself room to get one of its calves. It cuts back and takes the calf out scary fast.

As the grizzly drags away its meal, the two moose keep on trucking to get out of there.

Colorado Man Charged By Massive Charging Bull Moose

Zero to one hundred… real quick. In my mind, a moose looks like damn dinosaur, and if you’ve ever seen a bull moose up close, you know what absolute freaks these animals are. Big, massive horse-looking things with huge plates of spikes on their heads. I mean, there’s a handful of animals you don’t want to be in an open field with, and a big bull moose is one of them.

And if you get to close, unlike most other animals in the deer family… they might just try and run you down. A Colorado hiker recently learned that… the hard way.

While hiking in Clear Creek County, a Colorado man stumbled upon this big ol’ bull grazing behind a tree, when out of nowhere, the bull just turned and made a dash straight for our cameraman. Luckily, he was able to duck behind a tree, and the moose rammed the tree and not his head, but it could’ve been a bad, bad situation.

Thanks to conservation efforts in Colorado, the moose population is steadily increasing, but that means encounters with people are increasing as well.

In the past few years, moose attacks have been on the rise, and as much as you want that video for the ‘Gram, you gotta respect the fact that the moose can stomp your ass in a heartbeat. Always keep a safe distance, and look for signs that the moose may feel threatened or is being aggressive. The video below has some tips for how to stay safe in moose country.

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Hunter Drops Charging Moose

That’ll stop your heart for a quick second.

A viral video shows Swedish hunter Mats Isaksson hunting moose out in the Jämtland providence, when it quickly takes a turn for the worse. As the big bull approaches, Mats fires one round, sending the moose into a panic, and then another at closer distance, sending the moose into a full blown charge.

Charging at full speed, Mats is able to get off one more shot to put it down with not a second to spare. It’s pretty intense, almost to intense to believe which is why Mats is glad he got it on camera.

According to SvenskJakt:

“It was lucky that it was recorded on film. If it had not been documented, no one would have believed me afterwards, but now it became a decent action film.

I must also praise the photographer, considering how exciting it was, the picture is very stable all the time.”

With about 500 pound of meat when it was all said and done, Mats said that final shot was only a few feet away:

“There was some energy in motion when he came charging. The third and final shot was fired at about 1.5 meters away and there was a cross stop. Had it not stopped there, the bull would have run straight over me, so it was lucky that it went well after all.

It shows once again that hunting is hunting, you can never take anything for granted. When hunting, anything can happen.”

The look on his face says it all… that’s one lucky SOB.

Montana Man Gets Charged By A Moose Checking Mail

Moose are one the most amazing creatures to roam the lands. The largest around North America, and by far, one of the coolest to see.

They are however, one of the most dangerous. Known to get very defensive over their young, in the rut, and in general due to their poor eye sight and size, they’ll think nothing of running your ass clean over.

And this Bozeman, Montana, man certainly found that out first hand. He heads outside and you notice a moose across the road standing up. It almost seems as though he knows its there and that he’s going to check it out.

But… he doesn’t.

Completely oblivious, he starts to turn his back to it without ever seeing it, and as it takes the first few steps towards him, he looks up and clearly is completely surprised at what is standing in front of him.

“Went to check the mail and I did not realize a moose was staring me down from across the street.

It began to charge me and my dog Reecey barked and let me know we were in danger.

She lunged at the moose then circled back and we both high-tailed it inside.

No harm, no foul…

But let’s skip on the morning coffee and go for the ol’ morning moose charge… I feel like that would wake you up a bit better. If this wasn’t feeling awake, he definitely was after that.

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