The Vikings Benched Joshua Dobbs So That Nick Mullens Could Throw The Worst INT You’ll Ever See

Nick Mullens Minnesota Vikings
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Credit the extraordinary hands of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle BJ Hill for somehow squeezing this ball, but Minnesota Vikings quarterback Nick Mullens decided to try to throw the ball right before his bottom hit the turf. That’s ill-advised in the first place.

What’s worse is, Mullens tried to make the argument afterwards that his arm was coming forward, so that he wouldn’t be tagged with a lost fumble. Little did he know at the time that Hill never let the ball hit the ground. LOL.

Somehow, Mullens still got the graphic treatment for Minnesota leading at halftime in spite of throwing not one, but two INTs in or very near the red zone:

I guess somebody had to get gassed up. I’d have given a shout out to somebody on the Vikings defense coordinated by Tua Tagovailoa confidence-killing Brian Flores. They’ve been a stout unit of late. Alas.

The only reason the Vikings are winning, if we’re being honest, is because Bengals wideout Charlie Jones stopped running full-speed on a 3rd and 15 deep pass by Jake Browning that would’ve been a jog-in touchdown. Tee Higgins also just barely dropped a semi-Hail Mary from. Browning right before half that’d have set up an Evan McPherson field goal to cut the deficit to 7-6.

But really, have you ever seen somebody throw an interception right into a massive d-lineman’s facemask?? That’s absurdly awful. Poor Joshua Dobbs, who we love around these parts, got sent to the bench just for Mullens to sh*t the bed. The Passtronaut deserved better, according to Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner, who may know a thing or two about backups getting the opportunity to start and running with it.

Now watch he’ll throw for a bazillion yards in the second half and cook my beloved Bengals out of the AFC playoff picture. LIterally as I write this, Mullens just threw a TD. Hahahaha.

Regardless of what happens going forward, though, I’m glad Kevin O’Connell turned to Mullens over Dobbs. We wouldn’t have gotten this hilarious INT otherwise.

Kind of obligatory at this point to supply you with folks the best media making fun of Mullens’ pick.

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