Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Catches Strays As Cole Hauser Partners With Montana-Based Lazy K Bar Whiskey

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From the coffee to the whiskey…

A couple of weeks ago, we were hit with the news that Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, and his Bosque Ranch, were suing Cole Hauser’s new Free Rein Coffee Company over trademark infringement, as Free Rein’s logo looked eerily similar to the logo of Bosque Ranch’s coffee brand. With the two brand launching just months apart from each other, it’s likely that neither had any idea what the other was working on.

Needless to say, the drama perfectly summed up everything Yellowstone has gone through over the past year, with Kevin Costner’s exit and the show coming to a quick end at the end of Season 5, which is set to air sometime in the fall of 2024.

Suddenly it seems like Kevin Costner might not be the problem with the show, but I digress…

However, the latest lawsuit isn’t putting an end to Cole Hauser’s business endeavors though, as he announced via Instagram that he was teaming up with Montana-based Lazy K Bar Bourbon Whiskey.

Hauser shared in the Instagram post:

“I’m proud to announce that I have teamed up with some friends to start a whiskey brand inspired by the heritage and grit of the pioneers that built Montana. The ranch, and namesake of our Lazy K Bar Whiskey, represents the long standing traditions and hard-fought history of ranchers in Montana.

Our 8-year old premium whiskey is now available exclusively in Montana and was awarded 98 points by the Tasting Panel magazine. If you’re in big sky country, I hope you’ll grab a bottle.”

A number of commenters and fans joked that Taylor Sheridan was about to claim that he “invented whiskey,” and I have to say, they were pretty damn funny.

“Hold on Cole….Taylor might sue you again because he’s insecure.”

“Don’t get yourself another lawsuit from Taylor Sheridan.”

“Here comes Sheridan… ‘I invented whiskey and the state of Montana.'”

“Just make sure Taylor can’t try and sue.”

“Waiting on Taylor to say you copied his idea.”

“Just make sure the logo isn’t close to….you know who’s s**t.”

“Make sure your brand is okay with Bosque Ranch I hear Taylor Tay can be mean.”

“Does Taylor approve of this?”

“Let’s hope Taylor doesn’t sue you over this too.”

“Heck yeah. Waiting for Sheridan to be a prat and find a way to sue you for this one too. Keep on rocking man.”

“Watch out for Taylor. His little a** may sue you again.”

“Another lawsuit coming, Cole”

“Hope you don’t get sued over this one big guy.”

OOF… Taylor Sheridan certainly hasn’t made himself any friends lately. I’m sure it’s no laughing matter for Cole, but either way, it looks like ol’ Cole has found a way to stay busy and creative as the Yellowstone drama continues.

Available exclusively in Montana for the time being, Lazy K Bar describes their straight bourbon whiskey as follows:

“The nose starts with dark barrel notes of caramel and toffee with an aged honey character. Sweet toast and malted grain characteristics are complimented by herbal and spice notes from the rye. The aromatic complexity continues to evolve over time.

Dark spices of clove and cinnamon are present along with a hint of apple. The blend has a rich round mouthfeel with a balanced natural sweetness and finishes with a pleasant warming sensation. The finish leaves you with notes of caramelized oak and malted grain.”

A straight bourbon whiskey that is aged for 8-years, Lazy K Bar comes in at a bold but smooth, 92 proof.

Pretty clean bottle, too:

Lazy K Bar Whiskey

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