Wheeler Walker Jr. Says Nashville Has Turned Into “Redneck Disneyland”

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I mean, he’s not wrong…

Nashville has changed a lot in recent years, and it seems like that change has only been accelerated after the city reopened from the COVID pandemic.

Of course every artist you can think of is tripping over themselves to open a bar on Broadway in the heart of downtown Nashville, with Garth Brooks recently joining Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, John Rich…all with their own themed bars in Music City.

It’s gotten so crazy downtown that the Metro Nashville City Council has struggled to rein in the explosion of party buses and so-called “transportainment” vehicles on the city streets, and they’ve even started shutting down the road on Broadway during the weekends to make it easier for pedestrians.

It’s a sh*tshow.

And apparently, Wheeler Walker Jr. is over it.

During an appearance on the Your Mom’s House podcast, Ol’ Wheeler spoke with host and comedian Tom Segura and his wife, co-host Christina P, on the state of Music City. And he didn’t hold back:

“Nashville’s getting on my f*cking nerves…

It’s just turned into f*cking redneck Disneyland. It’s just f*ckin Jason Aldean’s bar, Kid Rock’s…the airport’s just full of b*tches in cowboy hats and…those shoes that are pre-dirty.

Just like the settlers, the cowgirl hat and f*cking Golden Goose. Get the f*ck out of here. Making their reservation for Kid Rock’s bar.”

Segura also took a shot at all the tourists coming into town and wearing boots for the first time in their lives:

“I always feel like so many girls that wear just their cowgirl boots though, they look like kids.”

And his wife added:

“Like they’re wearing mommy’s shoes.”

I mean, he pretty much nailed it with the “Redneck Disneyland” comment. What used to be authentic country music coming out of small honky tonks is now massive corporate bars with 6 stories playing ’80s rock and pop punk music for tourists cosplaying as “country.”

They then moved on to discussing pedal taverns, which you’ve no doubt seen (or been stuck behind in traffic) if you’ve visited Nashville recently – with Christina asking the same question that I’ve always wondered myself:

“Why would you want to exercise when you’re getting ripped?”

My point exactly. If I’m out getting drunk, the last thing I want to have to do is exercise while I’m throwing them back. How is that even fun?

Well Wheeler has an explanation for those too:

“It’s because it’s the cool f*cking dumb b*tch thing to do.”

I guess that sums it up.

Overall the three of them did a pretty good job explaining the current scene in Nashville:

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If you want to check out the whole conversation, you can watch the entire episode here:

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