John Daly Says Bill Clinton Used To Cheat On The Golf Course: “He Needs To Take Up Tennis… He’s Horrible”

John Daly
The Tucker Carlson Encounter

John Daly, one of the most interesting individuals on the planet.

The guy completely defies the professional golfer stigma, as he’s known for putting down packs of Marlboro cigs on the course, and claims he could even drink 35-40 beers in a day back in his prime, and THEN start on the liquor…

Not to mention, the guy once beat Tiger Woods while coming off a world class bender, and he’s also made it a tradition to camp out at the Hooters in Augusta, Georgia every year for the Masters. And as if we needed more evidence that Daly is one of a kind, he also has a full-on country album featuring Willie Nelson.

The guy is the definition of a legend.

But speaking of Daly, he recently sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss everything from life, to golf, and also politics.

During their conversation, Daly hilariously admitted that former President Bill Clinton is a big time cheater on the golf course.

He told Carlson:

“Bill would, he’d take the club back and go ‘oh sh*t give me another ball,’ before he’d hit the first one. He’d throw another one down. But he never kept score.”

Carlson asked if he’d ever played with Clinton before, and Daly told him he had once. When Tucker asked what he thought about his game, Daly hilariously said:

“He needs to take up tennis. He’s horrible.”

Of course, Daly is a big time Republican, so I’m sure there’s a little bit of bias going on here. However, if there was one former president who I had to guess was a cheater on the course, it probably would be ol’ Slick Willie.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock