Brad Paisley Thanks Taylor Swift On Her Birthday For Being A Background Singer In His Music Video Years Ago

Brad Paisley Taylor Swift
Brad Paisley

Man do I miss some of Brad Paisley‘s old stuff.

The once-superstar in country music has fallen off in recent years, with Brad’s last single to break the top 10 of the charts coming in 2016 with “Today.”

But back in the early 2000s, Brad Paisley was ruling the charts.

Right from the release of his debut album Who Needs Pictures, Brad managed to put together a string of hit after hit with songs like “Mud On the Tires,” “Alcohol,” “We Danced,” “Celebrity,” “Wrapped Around,” “Letter To Me”…and I could go on and on.

Of course there are new faces dominating the charts today – like Taylor Swift, who back in the day was actually an opening act for Brad on his Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour way back in 2007.

And when it came time to release the music video for one of his singles, Brad enlisted his opening acts to get some footage while they were on tour.

The song was “Online,” from Brad’s 2007 album 5th Gear, and the music video features footage from a tour stop at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington. And also featured in the video are his “background singers” and opening acts, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift.

Obviously things have changed quite a bit since then, but as Taylor celebrates her 34th birthday today, Brad took some time to wish his former opening act and background singer a happy birthday – and thank her for starring in his music video:

@bradpaisley Happy birthday @Taylor Swift! Thanks for being a background singer in one of my music videos all those years ago! #taylorswift #happybirthdaytaylorswift #taylorswifttok ♬ original sound – Brad Paisley

The video also starred Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander as the title character who was “so much cooler online,” and watching it back now nearly 20 years later just really makes me appreciate how great some of Brad’s old songs and videos really were.

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