Wingstop Offers 5 Free Wings Whenever The Detroit Pistons Win… Only Problem Is Pistons Have Lost 20 Straight Games

Wingstop Pistons

Now THAT is how you roll out a promotion.

Fast food and casual dining restaurants are always trying to figure out ways to get more customers into their establishments, and in recent years, that has come in the form of reward programs and promotions. There might not be a restaurant right now handling that very premise better than Wingstop.

For the record, Wingstop is better than Buffalo Wild Wings by miles. It’s really not even close at all, and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees with me. When it come to making a chicken wing, Wingstop is the best in all of the land, and you know what the best part about it is?

They don’t gouge you for wings, fries and a drink. If you want chicken wings with a side of fries and drink at Buffalo Wild Wings, you best be ready to fork over $30 dollars at the end of the meal. But if you are interested in the exact same thing at Wingstop, you can get out of there with a 1o-wing combo meal for less than $12, as God intended.

Getting back to the promotion aspect of things though, Wingstop introduced what could be one of the very best business models in the history of chicken wings. Their plan? Say that customers in Michigan will get five free wings when a professional basketball team gets a win, and then choose quite possibly the worst team in the league to attach to that promotion.

Wingstop partnered with the Detroit Pistons at the end of October to start the deal, which would allow for customers to use the promo code “PISTONS” to get five free wings with their order anytime the Pistons won. Since October 28th, Wingstop has not had to give out free wings, as Detroit has gone on a historic 20-game losing streak, and failed to win a single game in the month of November.

If their goal was to roll out a promotion that they wouldn’t have to fulfill, Wingstop has really outdone themselves with this one. And in defense of the chicken wing restaurant, I’m not sure anyone expected a professional basketball team to go an entire month without winning.

The Detroit Pistons are now just 10 games shy of tying the NBA record for most consecutive losses, and I say they buckle down and make it happen. If you are going to be a terrible team, you might as well be a historically terrible team.

And social media was onto Wingstop for their promotion, flooding social media with hilarious memes about the promotional deal with the Pistons:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock