Tylan Wallace’s Walk-Off Punt Return Was Electric, But Officials Missed A Clear-As-Day Block In The Back On The Ravens


Good for Baltimore Ravens return man Tylan Wallace. If oyu’re only going to contribute six career receptions as a wide receiver since being drafted in the fourth round in 2021, might as well find another way to contribute.

Even if you’re, you know, a huge beneficiary of blatant cheating and gross refereeing negligence.

That 76-yard scamper to the end zone lifted the Ravens to a thrilling 37-31 overtime win over the Los Angeles Rams.

However, in case you couldn’t see it in real time just like the officials who had a far better vantage point — multiple vantage points, I should say! — here’s a closer look at how bad of a no-call block in the back there was in Baltimore’s favor:

When I was home with my folks for Thanksgiving, I was yelling at the TV more than I ever recall doing so on behalf of how stupid the officiating crews were. Not only should they be full-time employees with better training.

They should be f*cking younger people who are mentally sharper and way more athletic so that they can keep up at least a little better with these world-class athletes than the wrinkly old arses whose valiant efforts clearly aren’t consistent or good enough.

Maybe I already ranted about that in a previous post. In case not, there you go.

I really don’t know how Tylan Wallace hasn’t done more since being in Baltimore. Not like the Ravens had a bunch of studs at wide receiver until this offseason, when they nabbed a resurgent Odell Beckham Jr. and drafted dynamic rookie Zay Flowers in the first round. Wallace picked a heck of a time to make a splash, lifting the Ravens to a 10-3 record and in very real contention for the No. 1 playoff seed.

…But yeah put an asterisk next to this win for Baltimore. I know refs miss calls all the time. It happens. When the game is decided literally on this one play, you can’t help but get a little irked regardless of your fandom allegiances. Whatever. I guess the football gods smiled on the Ravens since they’ve had Lamar Jackson get hurt down the stretch the previous two seasons and just generally get screwed by injuries all over the place.

Lamar is now 55-19 as a regular-season starter. That’s a winning percentage of 74.3%. Just insane.

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