Lone Crocodile Gets Ambushed By Group Of Sharks In Rare Footage From Australia

crocodiles near shark

This is one of the most Australian videos I’ve ever seen.

Australia is home to the largest number of venomous creatures on the planet, but that doesn’t tell the entire story of just how dangerous the wildlife down under is.

In addition to venomous creatures like box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, redback spiders, and inland taipan snakes, there’s a few types of animals that can rip you limb from limb which live in and around Australia, namely crocodiles and sharks.

For the most part, these two creatures don’t interact, but on a rare occasion one will find itself in the presence of the other and a fight for supremacy plays out.

This video comes to us from Wessel Islands Northern Territory and was taken by a professional fisherman named Jessie Fowler. She was out on her boat at night when they spotted a crocodile floating in the ocean waters, but that was far from the only deadly creature swimming just off the boat’s side.

A group of sharks were moving about anxiously, perhaps unnerved by the boats, the crocodile, or both, and it didn’t take long for a few of them to attack the intruding crocodile.

I believe it was a bull shark that burst out from under the water to land the first blow on the croc, who immediately began whipping its tail and snapping its sharp teeth at the attackers. It’s hard to tell exactly what goes down in the few seconds of chaos, but eventually the croc swims off, making sharks the king of the ocean for that day at the least.

Can you imagine having your boat surrounded by sharks and crocodiles? That’s a big no from me. I’ve never fallen off a boat but knowing that you can’t or you’ll die makes me not trust my balance in the slightest.

Got chills radiating through my spine right now and I do not like it one bit, I’ll tell you that…

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