Draft Horse Goes Viral For Being Absolutely Jacked

Horse eats from trough

Is there a “Most Swole Horse on Planet Earth” contest? If so, I think we certainly have a winner.

Horses are naturally some of the more muscular animals in Animal Kingdom, despite having diets of mostly grains and grass (look away “gym bros” who preach eating protein). But I’ve got to say, there’s absolutely no way that the horse in this video has only been eating grass.

That horse looks like it pounds protein shakes from dusk to dawn, and will happily tell you how much it bench presses. It also looks like it would carry around a jug of water at all time, and would happily recommend a local gym or CrossFit plan, even if you didn’t ask about it.

Simply put, the horse in this footage has no business being this ripped. The muscle mass it has in its front legs would put prime Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame, and those biceps (do horses have biceps?) alone could easily clear the free-weights section of a gym.

A number of commenters speculated as to what kind of horse it was, with guesses ranging from Percheron to Ardennes, Shire Horse and Dutch Draft, but whatever it is, it’s absolutely yolked.

Check it out:

Now THAT is a horse.

Needless to say, the sheer appearance of the stallion had everyone on social media cracking jokes and making observations:

Let that last tweet be an inspiration to the rest of us. Even beefcake horses like the one in the video below have humble beginnings. What’s your excuse? And yes, I know that the horse in the GIF is not the same horse…

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A beer bottle on a dock