Wrestling Legend Goldberg Put His Signature Spear Move On Some Poor Fan In A Tom Brady Jersey At The Falcons Game

Goldberg Falcons game

Can’t say I fully understand the context of this, other than the fact that Bill Goldberg saw red and attacked.

Before he was a pro wrestling superstar, Goldberg actually played three seasons for the Atlanta Falcons, hence why he was in attendance for Sunday’s NFC South clash with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I guess Goldberg has some hard feelings about Tom Brady — or anyone who dresses up like him. To the point where he’s down to just strut onto the field and spear the ever-living f*ck out of some dude:

Perhaps Goldberg was upset that Brady was recently talking about how mediocre the NFL is, since that assessment could be skewed as a slight toward the Falcons having a semi-decent season. In any event, poor Guy Who Got Golberg Speared. That couldn’t have felt good, getting pushed through to what had to feel like the Earth’s core on that Mercedes-Benz Stadium turf. But hey, it made for a hell of an entertainment act. Not a bad consolation prize for Falcons fans who were hoping their team could build a lead in the NFC South.

Atlanta’s defense let Baker Mayfield orchestrate a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter. Then, a last-ditch downfield connection from Desmond Ridder to Drake London fell three yards short of the end zone, as the Falcons lost 29-25. What a trash division these squads play in LOL.

I mean, even most casual football fans expected this division to be bad. To mostly quote the famous meme, our expectations were low, but HOLY…you know. Doesn’t help that Derek Carr has a zillion injuries and is still somehow playing for the Saints. Also doesn’t help that Ridder forgets that London has a pulse every other game. Nor is it ideal for Tampa Bay to employ Todd Bowles as a head coach. Oh well. They could all be way worse off like, say, the 1-12 Carolina Panthers.

Anyway shout out to Goldberg. And I hope that TB12 fan is OK. Seriously. That young man was getting dragged away from the scene. Seemed to be in good spirits. No whiplash with the back of his head or anything. Goldberg is a professional.

I’m sure he was safe and relatively easy on him. So I guess we can all laugh at this, right?


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