Seahawks WR DK Metcalf Got Ejected After Flipping Out Multiple Times & Picking A Fight With Fred Warner

DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf made an early splash with a long touchdown catch from Drew Lock, but the San Francisco 49ers’ vaunted defense shut him down from that point on, as the Seahawks lost 28-16 to get swept by their NFC West rival in the season series.

Combine all that with the fact that this marked Seattle’s fourth straight loss, and the opportunity was ripe for frustrations to be vented.

That certainly happened in Metcalf’s case. He runs hot and has something of a mercurial, ultra-competitive personality when he’s on the field. Maybe his blood sugar is all out of whack because he eats so much damn candy. I’ll use that as a working theory…

Whatever triggered Metcalf, he tried to body slam 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, aggressively grabbed his facemask and, in the end, sparked a big old scuffle.

Metcalf’s temper was already boiling over before this.

Earlier in the fourth quarter when Lock underthrew him and the pass was intercepted, Metcalf returned to the sidelines and tried to throw his helmet onto the little rack/holder thing. His raw strength shattered that flimsy plastic or whatever material all over the place.

Slow-motion camera work only makes it funnier:

Just based on his dietary choices alone, I get the vibe that Metcalf isn’t the most tireless worker on the team. Doesn’t it kind of feel like he should be a truly elite wide receiver given his godly physical tool set, yet he can’t really break through into that upper echelon? Like, yeah, DK is really good. Is he great? IDK.

Tough scene for the Seahawks overall. You’re telling on yourselves by getting into altercations with the team who keeps big-boying you in your own division. And now Russell Wilson is kinda balling out over in Denver and might lead the Broncos to the playoffs.

Remember, they started this year 1-5, whereas Seattle was 6-3 prior to this four-game slide. What a twist! Russ still got that deep ball and apparently ain’t washed, it turns out.

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